Once you have purchased a product, you will be presented with your download links on the order confirmation page. The downloadable link is also emailed to you upon order completion

The content in our tutorial videos isnt gospel! We think one of the most important aspects of being a producer is to always experiment – so bear this in mind when watching our videos, and dont be afraid to break the rules.

Weve had some feedback that some of our video content has no audio, however we have found a solution for this.

This seems to only affect Mac users, specifically people who play the videos on Quicktime.

If you use the below link to download VLC (which is an open source alternative media player) and play the video in this it works fine with the audio.

You can also use the Dropbox web link to view the video in the browser for that month.

We had to start compressing the videos recently because we had feedback that they were too big! 

The compression appears to affect the audio on Quicktime, however if you use VLC all seems good! 

All Patreon packs are released onto the store 6 months after initial release on our Patreon. This is to ensure that continued subscribers get the most up to date content. This is the reason why packs within the last few months are not available on this site yet.

All audio files are provided in WAV file format. Any tutorial videos available in the Patreon packs are in MP4 format.

All sales are final for digital downloads, refunds cannot be authorised once the download link has been emailed out. 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or believe it to be not as described, please contact with your order number.

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