Our latest EP has droppedĀ on Shogun Audio.

Koherent represent the diversity of modern drum & bass and, as a production duality with a serious sleekness of style 2021 looks set to be their year. Fellow drum & bass heads who met in Leeds, Josh and Luke decided to fuse their respective solo projects, and their passion for combining ferocious minimality with sumptuous soul was made apparent with an initial single on SGN:LTD in 2017. A double-sided roll out that turned heads from QZB to Lenzman, Minimal Clap and Night Cycles showed off what they do best: cut heaviness with lightness and jump over genre limits as they go.
This success saw them enter the Shogun Audio camp in 2019. For Friction to nominate them as part of Shogun's new vanguard says all you need to know about their talent, an obvious fact further confirmed by their debut EP: Turning Point.
With Charli Brix's now infamous vocal fervour on the liquid delight of Voices and the biting halftime of Samsara, Koherent have stamped their mark on one of the genre's great labels. The Koherent train has left the station: don't forget to buy your ticket.
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