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After producing for over 10 years under our seperate aliases and creating Koherent back in 2017, we decided it was time to pass on our knowledge so that you can also have a successful career in the music industry.

After having a string of sucessful releases on Shogun Audio and Overview Music we set up our own Patreon page in 2022.

Patreon is essentially a subscription service where you can get exclusive content drops from creatives across multiple industries.

Our content includes tutorials on music production as well as some samples and early access to music alongside various other unique perks.

The content refreshes each month and if you miss that month the content becomes unavailable.

A lot of Patrons wanted access to previous months so we have decided to make it available on this website 6 months after its original release date.
(If you want to get the most recent content or want to see more details of what we offer visit www.patreon.com/koherent)

The positive response from our Patrons inspired us to offer more back to the community, which is how the idea of this website formed. We plan to write semi regular blog posts on production tips and advice, which is available here.

After the success of our Patreon we wanted to expand our services further and now offer 1-2-1 Tuition for a more bespoke experience focusing more specifically on the steps you need to take as an individual to improve your productions.

We made this website as a sort of landing point for all the services we offer under Koherent, whether you want the latest news on our music releases, looking to improve your productions via tuition or are interested in buying from our Patreon back catalogue. Its all here!

We also plan to offer exclusive content via this website that wont be available anywhere else, so stay tuned for more info.

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