October 2023 Patreon Pack


October drop for our patreon! “Sound Design: Techy Synths” Join Luke this month as he shares his approach to making Techy Synths. These sounds are interesting because they are extremely hard to replicate but often a lot simpler in design than you might think.
The key to making good ones that sound unique (which is the end goal anyway right) relies heavily on randomisation of parameters and wavetables without actually having a particular sound in mind in the first place.
Luke will provide you with the fundamentals as to how these sounds can be made quickly and efficiently and then show you how you can easily take them on a completely new path and make something that sounds cooler than what you started with.
By the end of the video you’ll be an expert at making these sounds and will be able to generate an endless supply of new ones ready to go in your productions. As a bonus Luke also lets the session turn into complete chaos and shows you ways you can mash these sounds into completely new things altogether.
All five Serum presets this month will be Techy Synth variants that you’l be able to experiment with!
-Samples & Presets
Drums x 10
Atmos x5
Bass x 5
FXx 5
Synths & Music x 6
Serum Presets x5

The Samples included in this product are 24bit 44.1kHz WAV Files. These exclusive samples were originally part of our Patreon Pack, which can be found via our Patreon page.

WAV Files are a very high quality, lossless audio file format and they are compatible with all DAWs, including: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Reason, Studio One, GarageBand, Sonar and many others.

Serum Presets may require the latest version of Serum, available from the Xfer Records website

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